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Solar Panels

Specializing in RV & Marine Technology

Off Grid Solar, Electrical and Electronics RV Technology Systems for your Vehicle Infinite RV & Marine are integrators of Custom RV Solar, RV Satellite Television & RV Internet and Wifi systems,

Backup Cameras, Security Systems, and all Audio/Video for RV's, Yachts and Commercial Vehicles.

Certified Solar and Cabling Contractor #1026676

Satisfaction and Workmanship is Guaranteed!

Satellite Antennas.png

We provide and install professional mobile satellite systems, from the antenna to the receivers and everything in between.

Infinite RV & Marine are approved dealers and technicians for Winegard, KVH, King, Directv and and Dish Network, as well as being certified cable contractors. Infinite RV & Marine installs, services and maintains all satellite systems for your RV, boat, commercial and even First Responder vehicles.

As a Certified Solar Contractor, we design & install solar panel and battery back up systems to take you off grid and make sure you are never without power.

Whether you're at a park or docked, at a remote location or at sea, you will never be without power with a solar battery back up system and custom installed roof top solar panels. Call us to take care of your RV & Marine Solar needs today.

We design and install custom Audio/Video systems inside your Recreational Vehicle on all levels, from television to sound to surveillance systems.

Audio/Video systems in RV's and on Boats are always in need of replacement/repairs, upgrades and troubleshooting due to wear and tear from simple use of your vehicle. When you are in need of AV work, call us for a free evaluation!

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