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RV Satellite Television



Guide to the Satellite System for your RV

Now that you've purchased your new RV, the way to make it your home away from home is to add is a satellite service for TV and a good means to get strong internet.


Finding the right set up for your particular needs can be very confusing at first, but we’re here to help.


The major providers including Dish Network and Direct provide great service in regard to the TV package to choose from, but when it comes to servicing you in your RV or Yacht, they just are not very much help and very simply do not know (or care in all honestly) about the system in your vehicle. That's where we come in.


This guide will help you understand what it will take to get set up through each company as well as how to choose the best combination of service and antenna system.

Choosing The Right Equipment

Dish Network and Directv do not offer an antenna or service to be used on the road. And before you ask, they said no—you can’t yank the dish off your roof and take it with you. This means you’ll need to purchase a dedicated unit from one of their partner companies such as Winegard, KVH, or KING.

If you would like to add internet options there are a few available, but you’ll need a proprietary dish for your mobile internet unless you pair DIRECTV with an RVDataSat system. In each scenario, you’ll need a dedicated receiver box as well.

Choose an Antenna that fits your needs


There are a few key items to look at when shopping for your dish antenna. The least expensive and simplest form is a tripod mounted dish that is set up and manually aligned to the satellite at each stop.


The next step up will be those mounted to your RV and typically auto find capable, which means that it automatically points to the satellite signal. The best are slim profile antennas which not only auto find the dish, but also offer in-motion viewing.

Which TV Service Should you Choose?


If you’re already a Dish Network or Directv customer, the simplest solution is to just add an additional receiver to your existing account and choose the style of antenna you want to use. The fee to add another receiver to your homes system is just $7.00 per month per receiver which will be added to your existing bill.


The Dish Network has a pay as-you-go system has no contract so it can be used as seldom or frequently as you like. If you are not already a customer, you can still use the pay as you go program, but the monthly service fee will need to include a full program package and the cost tends to be higher due to there being no contract and to make up for the chase of you not using their service.

The mobile service offered is completely separate from your home service. It is possible to pause or suspend service on both home and mobile accounts with Directv for up to six months of each calendar year. The suspension can be done in one billing cycle increments. This will also pause the expiration of your two year service agreement extending it until you have reached a full two years of service.

If a user pauses service every year for the full six months this would double the duration of the agreement. Unless you are a traveler who spends exactly six months per year in the RV and six months per year at home, you’ll wind up paying both bills for a period of time each year. Since you have the service active anyway, why not power up the camper and make it a backyard getaway for movie night?

Still trying to decide between the two? Give us a call and we will help you to figure out what system is right for you.

Professional installation of satellite television and

mobile antenna systems for all Recreational Vehicles.

Enjoy your traveling experience, call Infinite RV & Marine Today!

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