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RV Types Explained: From Class A Motorhomes to Pop-Up Campers


First stepping into the RV world can be overwhelming with all the options and different types of RVs available. From full-size Class A motorhomes to small pop-up campers, there are a lot of great options. Different people have different camping styles such as full-time RVers or weekend adventurers, and they will have different wants and needs in their dream RV.


Before a future camper goes out to buy an RV, they need to take the time to research the best floorpans, models and RV types that best fit their lifestyle. In this blog, we break down the different types of recreational vehicles to help potential buyers discover what is right for them.

Different RV Types:

  1. Class A Motorhome

  2. Class B Motorhome

  3. Class C Motorhome 

  4. Fifth Wheel

  5. Travel Trailer

  6. Toy Hauler

  7. Destination Trailer

  8. Hybrid Travel Trailer

  9. Pop-Up Camper

  10. Teardrop Trailer

Class A Motorhome

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